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Available Now!  Harvey, Book Two of The Pit Series

After a year of considering Bonny the bane of his existence, Harvey is forced to step in and protect her with scorching results. 

When her criminal ex-boyfriend comes into the club demanding his money or Bonny’s life, Harvey must realize and admit his true feelings in time to save her.

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“Edward Tailor knows how to write short, erotic, suspenseful stories, and he didn't disappoint with this one.”   Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

 “Okay everyone.....Ready, Set, SWOON! Oh, Harvey the things you say to a woman. I love it when a big bad Dom says things that just make your heart melt.”   Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

 “Edward Tailor just keeps delivering hot, sexy reads with wonderful plots that draw the reader into the story in a compelling way.”  – Author Kassandra Cox


CAMERON, Book One of  The Pit Series

The Blaze of Passion.

Cameron Flint and his close friends—twin brothers Harvey and Hamilton—co-own an exclusive BDSM club on the Kings Road in Knightsbridge.

Cameron, a Dominant in his late thirties has been searching unsuccessfully for a submissive to call his own.

Natalie is forced to trade the only keepsake remaining from her former life in order to survive. Desperation and a deep seated fear lands her at the doorstep of an unassuming building.

A random chance, followed by a bad choice, lead Natalie Darrow into the arms of Cameron Flint. A burning passion ignites as he introduces her to his Dominant lifestyle. When they delve into the black market to recover the keepsake Tilly longs to have back, a web of deceit and lies unfold with devastating consequences.

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“This story is h-o-t. If there were a word sexier than mother-effin’ hot, I would use that, but I don’t know of one offhand. But not only is it hot, it’s got some great action and some danger, which is like my yummy trinity of a winning story. “ – Liz at Fictional Candy

“Have I mentioned Cameron Flint is one SEXY DOM!
God, just something about the way he always says "little one," has me begging to be on the other side of his flogger.” – Shayna at Shayna’s Spicy Reads

“Whoa, sit back and hold on, because this story just nails it!” – Coffee Time Romance

A set of unfortunate circumstances leaves Tilly at Cam's mercy and has Cameron wondering where this tempting creature has been all of his life. These two just don't create sparks; they sizzle and burn up the pages! – Vixhen at The Romance Reviews


Simone is happily in love with the man of her dreams and is thrilled when Rob promises a romantic weekend getaway for their first anniversary. With visions of moonlight walks on the beach, and plush resorts, she’s blissfully unaware of what Rob has planned. 

Rob feels that Simone is the woman for him. He loves her but he has a secret that he needs to share with her before he can contemplate taking their relationship to the next level. Rob is an active member of a swingers club and while he’s stayed away while he courted Simone, he would like to return to the lifestyle. This romantic weekend away is a swingers’ gathering with plans to introduce Simone to the lifestyle. 

Angry and hurt at the turn of events, Simone must make a difficult choice. Will she take a chance and embrace this new twist in their relationship or will she walk away from him and his risqué lifestyle?

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Paramedic Sam Norton arrives at the scene of an accident to find that he's required to take on the soul of the lovely, feisty Saffron in order to save her life. Two minds in one body makes for some interesting antics. Saffron desires to make the most of the experience while broadening Sam’s sexual horizons. Although both are anxious for their body sharing to end, once it does, will they find that residual feelings remain?

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Breaking Dawn

By Edward Tailor

The old clock above the mantel, that had witnessed more than Graham’s heart attack, chimed the eighth note of the hour and Dawn nervously shuffled her numbing cheeks on her heels. Tonight was Christmas Eve, a fortnight since her master’s heart had given up  unexpectedly on  life in her very arms, and a mere two days since she’d laid the love of her life to rest in the cold winter’s earth.  An average looking women in her thirties, with mousey brown hair and muddy brown eyes, she was, if she was to define herself, broken.  Every day since that awful night, she had found even breathing a struggle; a chore that bleatingly didn’t reap the reward that it promised.  Yet, she had prevailed, taking each painful breath as it came, and finding a way to make it through her long days.  It was a painful, desperate time that she knew millions before her had conquered.  Dawn, though was totally isolated in her emptiness and at an unwelcome conflict with her desire to give up her own existence.  A position, it seemed her beloved master had preconceived.

After her master’s wake, Dawn had been asked to an appointment with his attorney.  Mr. Desire, an old man close to retirement, resembled more potato than man, with his hairy unruly eyebrows and thick blotchy skin.  A truly timeless gentleman to his core, he welcomed her into his outdated Victorian office, where she sat patiently in her navy suit, as he delivered her fate.

“Dawn, may I call you Dawn?” he started, which she took to be a bad sign, not that she expected there to be any hidden estate that Graham hadn’t told her about.  Their life together had been simple; Graham worked construction and she… well, she was a stay at home sex slave, who lived in his rented house and had everything done for her, from her meals cooked to the household bills paid.

“I feel it will be best for me to read this short note from Mr. Briers, rather than try to explain it. To be honest, it will probably make more sense to you than it did to me.”  Mr. Desire reasoned as he slipped on a pair of gold-rimmed half-moon reading glasses. Once she had nodded in agreement, he continued.

To my beloved Dawn,

I’m sorry to have left you, my pet, before the autumn years of our life, but I’ve been living on borrowed time for a while now, my love.  It has pained me to hide this truth from you.

Our time together, albeit it brief, has been rich in love, friendship and hope.  You have completed me, my darling Dawn, in your free willingness to please. This has been a commodity to treasure my love, and one, now I’m afraid I must share.

My Darling Dawn, I loathe to admit I have left you desolate, with neither a penny to my name nor an item of worth to inherit.  It has been this reason, my love, that I have sorted another Master to take you into his stable.  A home as such, where your new Master will care for you with the help from his other select subs.  Do not be afraid, my Darling.  Master John White is a hard task master, but after due consideration, I feel he will help you flourish into the sub you once set out to be.

There are no more words I can say to fill the void of my love, except: Be strong, be true to your desires and fulfil all our dreams while you can.

Good bye my pet,

May I stay in your heart forever,


Mr. Desire had then informed her that he had notified Master John White of Graham’s passing, and Master John had sent instruction for Dawn to be properly waiting this Christmas Eve. at this appointed time, ready to receive her new Master.  That was two days past and nowhere near long enough for her to prepare for such a life changing move.  Dawn took a long slow breath as she listened to the mantel clock tick into the silence. She had had too much time to think since receiving Graham’s letter, but these past few minutes she could not remember ever being in such turmoil.  She wished for the thousandth time that Graham would send her some sign that she was making the right decision by agreeing to go. When she first met Graham, she had spoken avidly of belonging to a stable.  That dream was soon forgotten once she realised that sharing her Dom’s time, was a factor that she had not truly considered and a compromise that she wasn’t ready to take.  Now, though, as she heard heavy footsteps walk up her garden path, she felt as if she must complete this last act for her Master, by following his wishes into Christmas and chasing her dreams of living in a stable.  

With her stomach tight with anxiety, and her feet dead through waiting, she noticed the oddest thing happen.  As the front door eased open, filling the warm room with chilled winter air, the clock above the mantel, that had been the heartbeat of the house, stopped and the steady tick was replaced by leather soles on oak flooring.   A sign, she realised, with hope, as rich black polished brogues and fine tailored charcoal slacks filled the void between her spread thighs and upturned palms.  This was her sign from Graham to follow his wishes and her dreams.              

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Three Five Star Reviews!!!

See Samantha Atkins review on Passionate About Books Site. Here's a brief excerpt:
"You are thrown straight into the world of BDSM from the first page and you get to meet Cam part owner of the pit and the Master Dom now i have to say that he comes over as a arrogant but by the end of the book you fall for him (well i did anyway)... I loved the way Edward describes the sex scene's and yes they do make you hot.I'm looking forward to getting to know more about Tilly and Cam and how their relationship plays out.I'm also looking forward to getting to know more about Harvey and Hamilton.This really was a very good read and i can't wait for the next book."

From Vixhen on The Romance Reviews, here's an excerpt:
Cameron is a Dom in need of a submissive who is worthy of his time and attention. ....A set of unfortunate circumstances leaves Tilly at Cam's mercy and has Cameron wondering where this tempting creature has been all of his life. These two just don't create sparks; they sizzle and burn up the pages! If part one is this hot, I can't wait to see what Mr. Tailor has in store for us in part two. This is a definite must read and a great introduction to a new author!

From Liz at Fictional Candy
I certainly wasn’t expecting this book to be as hot as it was. I must say, I enjoyed it from the first page to the last. If you like BDSM erotic books, then you should check this one out. At just around fifty pages you will give yourself a one sitting treat that I reckon you wouldn’t want to miss! ....This story was very hot and super exciting. The author certainly has a way with words, describing Tilly as a “champagne eyed” beauty, and giving her the nickname of “little one” from Cameron. There is nothing I love more than an instant white-hot-can’t-fight-it attraction. I can’t wait to read more of the series (and its definitely getting a 5 star rating from me, so keep an eye out!)